Friday, September 14, 2012

Board release responses to NFT questions

The NFT is trying to spin our answers as incomplete and vague. Truth is our answers are extremely detailed and complete. Normally, the Board would sit face to face and review each question with union leaders. Since the state mediator has shown a preference to keep us separated the last few meetings, we reviewed details with him, item for item, then he took our answers and explanations to the NFT. A major part of our answers provided an index showing where we found the information, something we thought would be helpful. Taking all the documentation together, it makes sense. Without all the documents it does not, which is the root of the NFT’s spin.

The only question that we were vague on is what Council Rock’s CBA would cost Neshaminy Taxpayers. It would depend on when the contract was signed, what savings the district would realize from part year insurance change, and contributions to the healthcare plan. Another important issue is how many retirees would no longer be entitled to health care benefits going forward? I can assure you that the cost to Neshaminy Taxpayers will be far less that the $32 million the NFT is requesting in their current proposal. Why? Because Council Rock’s CBA does not include a retirement bonus of $27,500, free Rolls Royce healthcare now and in retirement, retro pay, etc.

Finally, the NFT had days to compile 44 questions; we had less that one to respond. If the NFT desires additional information, we will provide it. This offer is the closest we have come to resolving this impasse yet union leaders seem more concerned with banging the war drums. It sounds as though the NFT does not want this contract. Instead they appear to be choosing a path that paves the way for another strike while denying teachers a chance to vote on the Board’s offer.

Ritchie Webb
Neshaminy School Board President

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