Thursday, May 1, 2008

Summary of Union Proposal

  1. Increase the salary schedule by 4% annually.

  2. Do not assign more than three consecutive teaching periods to any teacher’s schedule.

  3. Eliminate “sister schooling” at the elementary level.

  4. Increase the number of preparation periods from 5 to 7 per week to allow for co-planning for all elementary and secondary teachers.

  5. Allow 12 days per year or 15 periods per marking period for IEP preparation for Special Education teachers.

  6. Cap the number of Special Education students placed in regular education classrooms at a ratio of 1 Special Ed student for every 3 Regular Ed students.

  7. Implement a required technology education component at the elementary level to be taught by a Business Computer Information Technology certified teacher.

  8. Implement a full-day kindergarten program.

  9. Increase the cash payment component of the retirement incentive package from $27,500 to $30,000.

  10. Reduce maximum class size limits from 29 to 27 in Grade 4. Reduce maximum class size limits from 29 to 28 in Grade 5. Reduce maximum class size limits from 35 to 30 at the secondary level.

  11. Implement the following case load limits:

    1. Guidance Counselor (250:1)

    2. School Nurse (750:1)

    3. ELL Teacher (150:1 Basic, 100:1 Intermediate, 50:1 Advanced)

    4. Social Worker (250:1)

    5. Psychologist (1000:1)