Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meetings continue; Outsourcing update

1. NFT – The Board’s Negotiating Team met with representatives from the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers on Monday, January 11th. The newest members of the Board’s team were introduced as negotiations continued. Although both sides remain far apart over key issues, we did agree to another negotiation session in the near future (date tbd).

2. NESPA – The Board has requested for a state-appointed fact finder to review the facts surrounding negotiations with the District’s Support Worker’s union. Meetings with the fact finder will take place on February 11th and February 25th, and we anticipate they will render their findings in late March 2010.

3. Outsourcing – Below are two (2) bid tabulations. The first is an amended bid for Custodial Services which was expanded from three years to five years in response to public concern that cost savings of outsourcing would only last for the first three years. As the bid tabulation below shows, the 5-year savings is projected to be nearly $14.4 million.

The second bid tabulation is for Transportation Services. The most favorable bid came from FIRST STUDENT, which offers Neshaminy a potential savings of $16 million over five (5) years. FIRST STUDENT is a reputable company with excellent references and financial status. They have the largest market share (larger than the next 10 competitors combined) in the US and Canada for the Student Transportation marketplace. They operate over 60,000 buses daily transporting 4 million students in 1500 districts in 40 States and 8 Canadian provinces, including 70 PA School Districts. All drivers are required to take drug and alcohol tests, and also required to pass FBI fingerprinting test, PA State Police check for criminal record, and PA child abuse checks.

As part of the proposal, FIRST STUDENT would purchase Neshaminy's bus fleet and rent the district's garage and office space. Additionally, more than 90 percent of Neshaminy's existing staff would be retained at their same pay rate - about $21 an hour for bus drivers.

The Board will continue to negotiate in good faith with NESPA while it accumulates comparative data regarding relative costs of support staff functions.

Bid Tabulation All Custodial Services 5 Year 01142010

Bid Tabulation Transportation 01142010