Thursday, September 6, 2012

Board makes "game-changing" offer to NFT

Meeting #50

Tonight’s meeting was attended by William Gross, Director of the PA Bureau of Mediation along with state mediator John Cairns. The parties did not meet face to face, instead remaining in separate rooms while the mediators shuttled back and forth.

The Board presented to the NFT via Mr. Gross a new alternative proposal, a game changing offer to the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers. The Board has suggested using the Council Rock Collective Bargaining Agreement in its entirety as a framework for resolving this 4 year long impasse.

Council Rock is similar in size and economic scope to Neshaminy, but Council rock has consistently outperformed our district in key measures of success such as PSSA scores. We believe that offering a parity contract with a district that has superior results show our desires to invest in our teachers.

But with this commitment comes the expectation that our certified staff will join with administration in eliminating the stigma of status quo that has plagued our district. There is no room for complacency if we are going to return Neshaminy to academic excellence.

This offer is by far the best possible deal we can give to the NFT. I hope union leaders and our certified staff will give it careful consideration because this is a one-time offer. If not accepted, it comes off the table and we go back to square one.

Click here to see the Council Rock CBA