Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Board: Teachers fear NFT leadership

Meeting #68 Update:

Tonight's meeting lasted approximately 3 hours, but the parties did not meet face to face. And regrettably there is no progress to report.

After another round of talks with no movement by union officials the Board is more convinced then ever that our contract proposal should be voted on by the teachers.

We reject Ms Boyd's claim that the parliamentary maneuver of a voice vote during an informal meeting reflects the will of the certified staff. We believe it reflects their fear of the NFT leadership, and we are confident that the overwhelming majority of teachers would vote for the proposal if an actual secret ballet vote were held. And it is with them in mind that the Board decided to leave its offer on the table.

If we are wrong and our offer is rejected then at least we can withdraw our proposal and restart negotiations in good conscience that all other options have been exhausted.

No new dates have been set for negotiations.