Thursday, October 11, 2012

NFT counter offer is "unacceptable"

Negotiation Session #57
Tonight the Board met face to face with the NFT Negotiating Team for approximately half an hour.  It is apparent that the NFT has rejected the Boards' proposal based on Council Rock's recently signed contract.
However, the NFT's new proposal takes the Council Rock salaries, but added costs and language from their current 2002/2008 Neshaminy contract, making the proposal unacceptable. 
While the Board will conduct a thorough analysis of the cost and educational impact of this offer before issuing an official response, let me express my disappointment that union leaders never gave its members an opportunity to vote on the Boards, Council Rock contract proposal offer as is.  Instead of considering a good offer in tough, economic times, the union has taken the all too familiar path of asking for more than we can give.
The next scheduled meeting is October 24th.  The October 15th, meeting was cancelled by William Gross, Director of PA Bureau of Mediation.