Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NFT Ignores "Gut" Issues, Says NO to Souderton Type CBA

Meeting #43 did not begin until 7:00pm. At that time the arbitrator provided the board a written proposal from the NFT, which is essentially the same as their last offer.  The board estimates the cost of the NFT proposal to be $21,414,105.68, and did not address any of the previously communicated “gut” issues.  While the NFT lead negotiator Tom Jennings was in the building, the NFT chose to have their proposal delivered by the mediator. The two sides did not meet face to face.

The board asked the NFT for a response as promised on the Souderton Teacher Contract.  NFT responded by saying our answer is “no” to the Souderton Contract and to reference their written proposal.

The board feels it’s unfortunate that the NFT is unwilling to move and bargain to get a contract that is fair & affordable for the students &  taxpayers of Neshaminy School District.

Next scheduled bargaining session is Thursday July 26, 2012.