Friday, May 25, 2012

NFT to strike on June 4th

Earlier today, Neshaminy Federation of Teachers (NFT) President, Louise Boyd, notified Superintendent Lou Muenker of the union’s intent to commit its second strike of this school year beginning on Monday, June 4th.

In reaction to this announcement, NSB President Ritchie Webb said, “I am outraged that teachers would cause potential disruption to our children’s school year and summer vacation. Once again the NFT has shown that whatever it is they are fighting for, it is not for the benefit of our children or their educational programs.”

Mr. Webb noted that the negotiation session for May 31st is still scheduled, however the Board will not negotiate with the union while it is actively engaged in a strike.

The Board President also questioned the logic and timing of the strike. “We have two dates scheduled for talks, and we’re open to having more meetings. I cannot understand why the NFT would enact such a militant action aimed at our kids and their parents when we’ve agreed to continue good-faith negotiations,” Webb said.

As the district begins preparation for a second teacher’s strike, Webb emphasized the need for Harrisburg to take action against the threat of labor actions that disrupt education. “Our children’s education should be everyone’s priority, and our situation should serve as a wake-up call to Harrisburg that anti-strike legislation is urgently needed.”