Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New bid tabulations received

Below are two (2) of the latest outsourcing bid tabulations received in response to District RFP's. The first is a bid for Grounds Keeping Services, and the second is for Food Services.

The most favorable bid for Grounds Keeping came from a vendor named Townscapes Inc, who offered Neshaminy a first year savings of $273,641. As the savings grows each year, the projected 5-year total savings if this support service is outsourced will exceed $1.5 million.

Unlike the other services being considered for outsourcing, Food Services is cost-neutral to the District since it is subsidized through the revenue it generates. However, the most attractive vendor for this service, Metz & Associates, has guaranteed Neshaminy $55,000 annual revenue which can be used to offset other operational costs within the District.

The Board will continue to negotiate in good faith with NESPA while it accumulates comparative data regarding relative costs of support staff functions.

RFP Tabulation - Grounds Keeping 01142010

Bid Tabulation Food Services 01192010