Saturday, December 5, 2009

NESPA Contract Update

As previously stated on this site, the Board has begun the process of investigating the savings that could be realized by contracting out some of our support staff functions to third parties. Although no final decisions regarding third-party contracting have been made, the district has now received and evaluated the bids for second shift janitorial services for all School District buildings. This is one of several support staff functions that will be reviewed in light of third-party contracting options.

The most attractive bid came from Pritchard Industries, a highly reputable professional services company whose reduced costs of service offer Neshaminy a potential three year savings of $7,216,157. It should be noted that each Pritchard Industries' employee would be required to pass an FBI finger printing test, PA State Police check for criminal record and the PA child abuse check before being permitted to work in the District.

After determining that Pritchard Industries responded with the appropriate bid for second shift janitorial services, the District then provided Pritchard with an RFP for first shift janitorial services. The potential savings for outsourcing this support function equals $1,783,307 over three years.

The total savings offered by Pritchard Industries over three years for both first and second shift janitorial services is $8,999,464.

Below is the final bid tabulation of all vendors considered for second shift janitorial services, followed by the subsequent RFP for first shift janitorial services, and then a summary of potential savings should the Board pursue the outsourcing option for these services:

The Board will continue to negotiate in good faith with NESPA while it accumulates comparative data regarding relative costs of support staff functions. .